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Registered: ‎10-15-2018
Accepted Solution

Contour Attributes

is there other way to produce a contour (isolines) that has a attributes of intermediate, major, minor contour instead of having a value of 0 and -1. Example produced data is attached below.

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Re: Contour Attributes

[ Edited ]

This attribute is defined as integer, so you can't change it to text, but you can still accomplish this using the Functional Attributes and Update Attributes commands.


Use the Functional Attributes command to add a functional attribute to the Isoline feature which uses the expression:

        IF(Input.Major = -1, "major", "minor")


To add this functional attribute to the original Isoline feature in the database,

  1. Edit the Isoline feature class to add a new attribute of type Text with a name of your choosing
  2. Run the Update Attributes command
  3. Select Queries > Functional Attributes of <name>_Isoline, click in the Value field of the new attribute you just added, and click on the Expression button
  4. Double-click the calculated functional attribute from the list of attributes on the right (i.e., Input.FunctionalAttribute) and hit OK
  5. Hit Apply, and then Close when it's done

The Isoline feature in the database now has an additional text attribute with value "major" and "minor", in additional to the original integer Major attribute with values -1 (major) and 0 (minor).  The functional attribute query can be deleted.


Thanks to Pat Smith for showing me how to do this.  If you have questions or encounter problems feel free to reach out to your local support teams who can give further assistance.