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New Contributor
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎08-31-2018

Display MIcrostation V10 data

Hi everybody,

recently my workstation was updated GeoMedia Desktop to Version 16.5.0 and Microstation V8 to version


When I open an old gws with a connection to a dgn file (saved with V10) I don't have any error message, but all the legend entries give me 0 entities.

If I try to make a new gws, with a new csd file, I click on "Display CAD Files", I choose CAD type as Microstation V8 (the nearest version), and the other files and parameters, but when i click OK, it appears the following message

"the change contribution failed because we tried to duplicate the values ​​in the index, in the primary key, in the report. Change data in the field or fields that require duplicate data, remove the index or redefine the index to allow duplicate entries, then retry guaranteed"


I've checked Microstation V10 normally save dgn file in V8 version, so I can't save the dgn file in a earlier (V8) version.

I can save the dgn file in dwg but i spend a lot of time, and I'll must do it many times a day.


Does anybody had the same problem and give me a solution?