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Display by Scale for Dynamic Label



I am doing a dynamic label for my geoworkspace. Can I use the Display by Scale to make it appear and hide on certain scale? I have set the scale range but failed to make it display by scale. Nevertheless the scale symbol don't appear at the dynamic label. Every time I set the range, after applied, the scale range will reset again to the default number.


Below is my workspace.



display by scale for dynamic label.PNG

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Re: Display by Scale for Dynamic Label

Unfortunately, Dynamic Labels do not honor the display scale range settings.  This is a limitation of the current design / implementation of the labeling system. If you would like to suggest a change to this behavior, you can submit a New Idea on the Product Ideas discusson board.


Note that the Product Ideas board is only availalbe (i.e. visible in the Discussions list) when you are logged into the Hexgaon Geospatial Community site using your community login and password.



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Re: Display by Scale for Dynamic Label

Although the dynamic label legend entry does not support display by scale, the features that are generating the labels do.  When the layer that is trying to label in the map is turned off, the label does not display.  What I have done in the past to get around this and to be performant was to duplicate the legend entry (let's say parcels), and set one of the parcels to be displayed by scale.  In the label properties, use the display by scale legend entry to generate the label. 


What occurs is when you zoom out too far is the parcels legend entry that is being labeled is turned off so the label no longer displays, but the other parcel boundary is still in the map because of the duplicate that does not have (or has a different) display scale.


This allows you to fine tune the dynamic labels and have different scales on when labels turn on.  For example you still want road labels to appear when you're zoomed out but want to hide the parcel labels because it gets too slow to check if it can place any parcel labels for an area that's too small anyway.  Realistically you only want to check if it can label the parcel when there is enough area to actually have the label be placed inside.  Then when you keep zooming out, you can have the road labels also turn off when there are too many roads to label, but keep cities, etc.

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Re: Display by Scale for Dynamic Label

I think this product idea might be related (idea is targeted more at WebGIS, but concept is still to allow the WebGIS LabelRange to be supported in the GeoMedia label editor.