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ESRI Layer (.lyr) or QGIS QML support

Has anyone identified a way to convert or use ESRI layer files or QGIS QML files to style data displayed in GeoMedia Desktop?

Our national mapping agency provides style sheets for their data products in ESRI layer or QGIS QML formats and our customers need to setup the same styling in GeoMedia Desktop.


Thanks for any replies.


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Re: ESRI Layer (.lyr) or QGIS QML support

Currently there is no method available in GeoMedia to convert style definitions from the ESRI or QGIS layer files into GeoMedia style definitions.  The ESRI .lyr format is binary and is not published, so conversion from that format would be more difficult. However the QGIS layer format is.xml and QGIS also supports the export of style definitions as OGC SLD (.xml) format files, so this would provide a simpler conversion path.


There are existing CR-Enhancements filed requesting that GeoMedia use the style definitions stored in the ESRI .lyr files when serving ArcView shapefiles.


There is also a CR-E requesting the addition of an 'Import from OGC Style Layer Descriptor (SLD) file' option to the Styles dialog, which if implemented would allow the transfer of style definitions from QGIS since QGIS has the ability to export styles to OGC SLD format.

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Re: ESRI Layer (.lyr) or QGIS QML support

Is there any updte or known plan regarding the CR Enhancements requesting that GeoMedia use the  ESRI .lyr?