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Edit Feature Attributes with GeoMedia Viewer?

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A follow-on to my Custom Properties Dialog question.


I've got a machine with both GM Professional and GM Viewer installed.

I create a workspace in GM Professional with a read-write connection to SQL Server and add some features to a legend.

I open that workspace in GM Viewer and when I review a feature via the Properties dialog, I am able to edit attribute values and save those changes back to the underlying database.


Is this to be expected?

I was under the impression that GM Viewer should be read-only, i.e. the read-write data server connection was replaced by its read-only counterpart; is this a consequence of having GM Pro on the same machine?


Version is 16.0


Thanks in advance,


Technical Evangelist
Technical Evangelist
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Re: Edit Feature Attributes with GeoMedia Viewer?

Tim, this is not expected behavior.  Both the presence of the custom Properties dialog, and the fact that you can edit there, are bugs.  And yes, they are almost certainly introduced by the presence of GeoMedia Desktop (whichever tier) on the system.  - Hal


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Re: Edit Feature Attributes with GeoMedia Viewer?

I guess, the point with the readwrite connection is really a bug/conflict with the parallel installed Desktop edition.


The other point with the Custom Properties Dialog: I guess, Hexagon doesn't want you to do that. Smiley LOL

As I wrote in the other post, I also program on Viewer edition. The API is open as for the Desktop edition, limited like the Viewer edition.

E.g. I programmed a Custom Properties Dialog too, I programmed a "external" toolbar for the Viewer edition which simulate the GeoMedia command server, so I used custom commands for Viewer and Desktop edition.

And if you want to write into a database you could program a ADO code which write "around GeoMedia" directly into the database. So, you will get a readwrite dialog "in" GeoMedia Viewer.


Best regards,