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Accepted Solution

Export text file to postgis

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Dear all,


I am trying to use "output to feature class" tool to export a text feature to a postgis database but it gives the following error:



And I opened the log file but I found nothing strange:

log file.JPG


I also reviewed the privelages on the database as follow:




Could please anyone help with this issue URGENTLY




I found when uncheck the field "Offset" it accepts to be exported - I think because it's a keyword in postgres- but in GeoMedia when trying to add this feature from the db it does not appear.



I also attached the text feature to give you a try,




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Re: Export text file to postgis

Hi Khaled,


just a guess - OFFSET is a keyword in PostgreSQL SQL dialect. So try to rename the field.



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Re: Export text file to postgis

You are correct 'offset' is a reserved word for PostgreSQL and the Vector > Insert Label command creates the geometry column with the name 'Offset' by default. This means you will need to rename the geometry column name of 'Offset' in order to output the features. Here is the workflow:


  1. Select the source row for the text feature class in the 'Output To Feature Classes' > Advanced tab and then click the 'Select Source Attributes' button.
  2. On the dialog that appears choose the 'Offset' attribute from the list of attributes.
  3. Then click the Rename button and change the name to something other than Offset (e.g. Offset1).
  4. Click OK to save the changes and return to the main Output to Feature Classes dialog.
  5. Now execute the command by clicking the OK button and all of the features from the source text feature class will be output successfully. 
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Re: Export text file to postgis

Thanks pkrejcir and jmorris,


It worked after renaming,

I hope this error would be solved in the next GeoMedia builds,


Kind regards,