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Registered: ‎06-15-2017

Export to SVG from GeoMedia Layout



Is there any tool which allows to export GeoMedia Layout to SVG format? Or do you have any hint how to achieve it?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Export to SVG from GeoMedia Layout

There is no capability to export directly to SVG format from the Layout window.  However if the desire is to convert a symbol created in the layout to SVG format, you can first create the symbol and save it as a .sym file from the layout sheet. You can then use the 'Define Symbol File Utility' to Add the .sym file and then use the Save As option to save the symbol to SVG format.


If the desire is to export the complete contents of a layout sheet to SVG format it might be possible to print the layout to a PDF file and then convert the resulting PDF file to SVG.  There is a thread on the StackOverflow website discussing conversion of PDF to SVG that may be helpful if you want to pursue that workflow.  Here is the link to that thread that mentions the use of Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator and other tools for the PDF to SVG conversion.


Note that this not a workflow that I've attempted, so I'm not sure what kind of success is possible using this technique. you are probably aware there is an 'Export Layout' command in GeoMedia which provides the ability to export a layout sheet to a number of different raster formats, so if you don't specifcally require that the output be vector (e.g. SVG) this might be useful as well.


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Re: Export to SVG from GeoMedia Layout

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I don't know your use case but, there is an alternative to svg, that is vector based that may interest you.


There's a tool called Report Designer for GeoMedia made by XtenGeo that provides the ability to create Map Sheets similar to what you might do with the Layout Window. That tool provides the option to Export to Image, and one of the formats it supports is EMF. There is actually an old standard for EMF and a new standard, and this tool supports the new standard, which allows for anti-aliasing. EMF files can be viewed in Office products and when zoomed in or out the vector quailty remains crystal clear, no pixelation, as it gets redrawn by the application to whatever scale you set.


Other supported formats that provide vector like quaility (over pixels) includes WMF and TIF. Plus, the export to PDF option, produces a PDF that scales without pixelation, except when you have raster based images in your report/Map Sheet.


Full Disclosure: I own that company.


XtenGeo offers free trials that usually run to a specific date. The current offering runs till Oct 01, 2017. The product is available at


I've attached samples of emf, wmf, tif and pdf exports. Let me know if I can help in any way.