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Registered: ‎09-18-2018
Accepted Solution

Failed to open the Label Manager



I can't add more information about this as there is no error log. Suddently stop working on my geoworkspace.


Opportunities for improvement: Please provide a way so users can see Geomedia error logs so we can provide a better explanation for errors

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Re: Failed to open the Label Manager

Yes, that specific error is not very specific or helpful. Label Manager reads through the list of legend entries as it opens.  Ensure that all of your legend entries are valid and can be loaded / displayed.


If the error persist, suggest that you report the problem to your local support team. Be sure to provide vital information such as:

  • Operating system (run WINVER) information?
  • Full version (including build number) of GeoMedia Desktop?
  • Workflow to see the error including a description of your testing results: For example is the problem limited to a specific user, specific Geoworkspace or specific system?
  • Provide the GeoWorkspace (.gws) file (idealy with some data however, just having the .gws file can be helpful at times).

Consider posting to the Ideas page concerning better logging for GeoMedia Desktop. Product Ideas: (login required)