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Registered: ‎08-10-2016

GPX in GeoMedia

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Is it possible to add GPX data (.gpx) in GeoMedia Desktop without converting to .csv or .txt?

Technical Evangelist
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Re: GPX in GeoMedia

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Currently there is no capability in GeoMedia to add GPX format data without conversion.  However this is an excellent candidate for a product idea so you may want to add it to the Product Ideas discussion board.


In the meantime a better workaround than converting to .csv or .txt is to convert to KML and then use the KML data server to bring the data into GeoMedia. There are a number of free tools available for GPX to KML conversion (both online and downloadable) which you can find with a Google search for 'gpx to kml free', 'gpx to kml convertor', etc.