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GeoMedia 3D



Is it possible to create 3D Models from GeoMedia 3D environment and export the same in; kmz and skp file formats?


I have only seen the capability of importing existing models into GeoMedia 3D. How can one go about creating 3D models and exporting them in GeoMedia 3D environment?




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Re: GeoMedia 3D

[ Edited ]

GeoMedia 3D can create 3D models from map features and 3D style settings.  See the GeoMedia 3D tutorials on the web at .  A set of predefined styles was added to GeoMedia 3D 2018 to make it easier for users to get started creating 3D models.  See the product help documentation for more information on this.  Also, we're in the process of adding a new section to the Introduction to GeoMedia 3D tutorial that will cover using predefined styles.


3D models that have been created or imported in GeoMedia 3D can be used within GeoMedia 3D for viewing and analysis, and saved in a warehouse/GeoWorkspace, but GeoMedia 3D does not have the ability to export 3D models to formats such as kml and skp.  You could log this as a product request on the Community > Discussions > Product Ideas page.