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Registered: ‎10-26-2015

GeoMedia Performance on Server Operating Systems

A number of our customers experience particularly slow performance when using GeoMedia Desktop on server operating systems compared to running GeoMedia on a desktop/laptop.


I appreciate there are many factors that can affect application performance, particularly as all our customer server environments are virtual so comparing performance against a physical machine with dedicated hardware is not like-for-like.


The difference in performance though is significant for one of our major customers so much that opening GeoWorkspaces of data on a server OS is taking several minutes versus less than half that time on a desktop machine.


My research into the performance has revealed GeoMedia is particularly slow to create temporary Warehouse cache files on server OS versus a desktop/laptop. I see similar performance drops on our own virtual servers.


I just wondered what experience other GeoMedia users in the community have of comparing performance of GeoMedia on server OS. Perhaps there may be some tips on how to improve application performance. I have already tested whether changing the Processor scheduling settings on Windows Server to adjust performance for Programs rather than Background services but this did not make any difference.