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Posts: 25
Registered: ‎11-03-2016

Geomedia 14 forgets attribute values entered


Could somebody tell me that how is it possible:
If I draw an object (for example an area) in Geomedia 14, and when I finish the drawing the Properties window appears, I enter some values in the attribute fields, then I click OK.
Then the strange thing comes:
1 out of 10 times the program forgets what I entered! How is it possible?

Posts: 25
Registered: ‎11-03-2016

Re: Geomedia 14 forgets attribute values entered

Is there any other Idiot besides me, who uses this crap called Geomedia 14?

Dear Developers, really...
How on Earth is it possible, that if I enter some values into the attribute brackets in Object Properties window, then I click OK, it NOT saves what I entered???
I am a software developer myself, too(?), and I'm trying hard to imagine, how the heck it was programmed...

At the same time, look at this forum... You can collect badges (WHY???), you have to change your password every time (WHY???)...

You should use these capacities for real and useful things (like serving the customers, who paid for this **bleep**), other than collectibles and other chlidish things...

a "satisfied" customer, called Chris

PS: hopefully, I am going to QGIS. ;-)