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Registered: ‎11-03-2016
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Geomedia 15 installation vs. Erdas Imagine 2016


We are in 2018, right?
So... Why is there a problem with Geomedia 15 installation when I already have Erdas Imagine 2016 on my computer?
Why are they collide with each other?
It's nonsense...
Anyway. I installed Geomedia 15 after 3 years of using 2014. I installed all the patches available for 2015 and the same BUGs appeared.
The "hiking vertex syndrome" for example, or the thing that I cannot export Point geometry with orientation attribute...

I know... maybe in Geomedia 2018 somebody will fix these problems...

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Re: Geomedia 15 installation vs. Erdas Imagine 2016

Because Geomedia 15 (if it means 2015) was released before Imagine 2016. How software version 2015 could be aware of requirements of next version of some other software as it did not exist on times Geomedia 15 was designed? The case in wider scope is that Geomedia is designed to be one version only software and Imagine can exist in multiple versions of same software in same computer.


So you are now probably conflicting bit the installation requirements and I believe your life is easier if you simply put only 2018 of both tools in same computer. At least I have never had issues like you mention when using same version of both tools on same computer.


Actually on my desktop I never take previous Imagine out when upgrading so there exist latest Geomedia and latest plus some amoun of older Imagines and still everything works more or less as expected.


So your problem is definetly not a generic issue happening all places. Your setup and environment plays some role here.

Technical Evangelist
Technical Evangelist
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Re: Geomedia 15 installation vs. Erdas Imagine 2016

Collisions between past versions of GeoMedia and IMAGINE are primarily a consequence of shared components.  Starting with the 2018 release those components are now privately deployed with each product and we believe that such co-existence issues should disappear.  Any ongoing problems should be reported as a support ticket.


Regarding what you have called the "hiking vertex syndrome", one of our support analysts reported that he believed the problem resolved in the 2015 release based on the problem description you provided.  If you find that it is not resolved in that or a later release, then most likely it was simply not the same problem and is one that we are not familiar with.  You should file a support ticket and provide a reproducible workflow / test case / dataset.


I am not familiar with the problem you mention about exporting point geometry with a orientation attribute.  You'll have to provide more info.  It is possible to extract point orientation as an attribute using the Functional Attributes command, and then export that to any target format.  If your need is something different than this, you'll either need to explain that here or log a support ticket to report a bug.  - Hal

Posts: 25
Registered: ‎11-03-2016

Re: Geomedia 15 installation vs. Erdas Imagine 2016

So, finally, after months of misery, the final solution was that there were specific characters in my licence file, like the letter "á", and the licencing mechanism could not deal with it.
The strange thing is that before this request, I got 2 other licences with those special characters, and everything was fine.......