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Geomedia 3D Problem: "Toggle 3D"

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Hi all,


I have some problems with GeoMedia 3D, which i cannot solve. I hope you can help me.



To learn Geomedia 3D i downloaded the Tutorial Data and tried to work with them.


The first problem arrives with the command "toggle 3D" after starting Exercise 1b.gws.

The Parks, Wetlands and Street_Centerlines are not visible. They are still under the surface.

I checked the properties, but they seem to be correct.

The same problem appears at the Building_Footprints and the Structure_Footprints. They start around 3 meters under the surface, so I can only see the roof of many buildings.


The only way I found to fix the problem, is to change the 3D-properties of the classes to "relative height" and using z-value of the geometry for the height and set it manual to around 7 meters.



The second problem appears when I try to use real data.

My base content file is the, the same which is used in the tutorial data.

I start my geoworkspace and connect to my database. I just want to see the 2D-areas in 3D (corridor lands) without any 3D structures, but when i use the command "toggle 3D" the view changes to a black window with a grey point in the middle.

in 3D the scale goes automatically to 1:9 560 748 350 and the height is on 2925526843,61m and i cannot zoom in or get another view.


I hope you can help me.


Thanks and regards,


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Re: Geomedia 3D Problem: "Toggle 3D"



I’m not seeing the problems you are describing in Exercise 1b.gws using GM 3D 15.00.0001.00238. I have the GM 3D tutorial data installed at C:\GeoMedia 3D Tutorial folder.


After toggling to the 3D Map Window you may need to zoom in/out to see the models. You shouldn’t have to change any 3D style settings in the delivered Exercise 1b.gws.


GM 3D display graphics is not supported on Virtual Machines (VM).


The problem might be a graphics card issue. I have the “GeoMedia3D_Video_Card_Considerations.pdf” document you can review to double check your graphics card and settings on your machine. I can send you this document if you log an SR for your data problem.


Please log a Service Request (SR) for the issues you are seeing with your data. Please go to the Hexagon Geospatial Community web site, under the Knowledge & Support tab and select the Support Portal option to log an SR.



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Re: Geomedia 3D Problem: "Toggle 3D"

Do you have non-US regional settings? I've noticed a lot of display and positioning problems when the user's regional settings are not set to US-English.