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Grid analysis tools and geoworkspace 'failed to open document' error

I have been having issues opening a number of exisiting geoworkspaces that were created by another member of my team.  I get the error message 'failed to open document'. 


From what I can tell all of these workspaces have used the grid analysis tools (Krigging). I have tried opening them on multiple machines and can only get them to open on the machine where they were created. Even then they will fail to open the first time. The error message needs to be dismissed and then the workspace opened from within Geomedia Professional for them to open.


There are no problems opening workspaces created by the same team member if they have grid analysis has not been used in them.


As far as I can tell we are all running the latest version.


Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Re: Grid analysis tools and geoworkspace 'failed to open document' error

If the gws was on a machine with a tier of GeoMedia *(Adv,Pro) that had grid and it was used , then you may have a legend entry or query

expecting to find the locations of the grid data. This may not exist on your machine,causing the error.


Generally you will have two or more tables in your warehouse Database, MFcomStudyAreas and MFcom_Study1....n depending on how many study areas were opened.


If you new machine has grid go into the MFcomStudyAreas table of your database And edit the StudyAreaPath attribute and point to where the grid data is now.


Alternately, if you have geomedia Essentials with no grid analysis, go into your database and delete the those grid MF... tables

Also remove any entries to these features in GFeatures table.

Best to use Database Utilities to delete this Metadata.