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Importing Default style from SmartClient

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When importing styles from SmartClient to Geomedia will bring all styles (highlighted, selected, etc). I wonder if it is possible to get only the Default style not including interactive styles (Highlighted, Touched, Selected).

What happens is that if a user have multiple styles to import into geomedia the user will need to delete the interactive styles one by one. (e.g. my layer have 21 styles to be applied)



This is particular relevant if we want replicate the existing styles on Smartclient to Geomedia workspaces.

Would be great to import default styles defined on SmartClient at once. Otherwise the user will need to re-edit all styles one by one by deleting the interactive style groups which could be quite painful when you have a layer classified with 21 styles.

Any suggestion on how to overcome this issue by importing only the Default style?

Thank you

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Re: Importing Default style from SmartClient

The GMSC style export .xml file only includes Highlighted, Touched, Selected components if they are manually defined in the GMSC style editor. if the unmodified Highlighted, Touched, Selected are left in place then only the default style is exported.


In the exported GMSC style .xml file, the file is setup with a series of <rule> sections, first one (unnamed) for default, then additional <rule> sections for each of Highlighted, Touched, Selected (if each is explicitely defined in GMSC style editor).



Potential you could write an .xslt or script to automate removing the unwanted <Rule> sections from the exported .xml files if you have a lot of them to process.