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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-03-2017

Insert Cartographic Grid for non-rectangle polygon

Hi all,


is there a way, how to create a cartographic grid in Geomedia Layout for a non-rectangle polygon (see image02)?


If a user inserts a non-rectangle polygon extent of the map window into the layout and needs to create a grid over it, it is possible, however the gird is created for the whore rectangle (see image01). It is possible to manually trim each meridian and move the labels to desired positions for one chart. However it is not very practical when working with more charts.


Thanks for any help!



Technical Evangelist
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Re: Insert Cartographic Grid for non-rectangle polygon

You are correct that the Layout Insert Cartograhic Grid command only supports rectangular grid placement thus having a non-rectandular grid would require manual editing after the grid graphics have been inserted.


Be aware that the Trim to Intersection editing command in Layout supports a click-and-drag method of clearing lines.  The carto grid is placed as a group.  Learning to work with graphic groups in layout will be very helpful.  Changing the selection order to Bottom Up allows you to fence select several of the grid labels and move them in bulk, possibly using the arrow key board keys.  Using the <Ctrl> key with the arrow keys moves in finer precision.