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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-02-2018

LRS for pipeline inspection workflow (GM Transportation Manager)

I’m trying to use LRS for displaying and analysing Pipeline Inspection data. The data is a list ( pipetally)of sensor data of a ‘PIG-tool’ which goes through the pipeline.

The list contains events along the pipeline (length) and also the length of known points along the pipeline which are also known in XY(Z), so called ‘Markers’ .

In the image enclosed the XY-locations of the marker are in RED, the Marker locations along the pipeline in BLUE)


The length-data of events should be corrected on the known points (length of the markers).


I tried to use LRS-Markers but it seems a wrong assumption that these have a 'length correction' function (????)


How should I proceed;

  • Can I use the pipeline as 1 single LRS-feature and use the Pipeline-Markers as reference-points for length-correction (if Yes, how should I do that?).
  • OR should I intersect the Pipeline and use separate LRS-feautures between the Pipeline Markers ???? 


Any help on a workflow for this is highly appreciated….


Thanks in advance,



New Member
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Registered: ‎09-07-2020

Re: LRS for pipeline inspection workflow (GM Transportation Manager)

Dear Jan,

I had the same problem with a road LRS.

After calibrating the route, I've noticed a mismatching between segmented points (dyn. segm. command) and markers (prev. projected on the route) with same offset.

In other words: the generic marker/milestone, output of a dyn. segmentation command, is placed along the route some meters from the relative projected geometry.

I suggest that this difference is correlate to markers structure. The 'measure' value which has to be used in markers attribute I think should be the relative one, not the real one.

Remember you can use the convertion command on point or linear features to obtain the linear measure from X,Y coordinates.

Best regards.