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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-14-2016

Layout link from excel

Actually we have 2 issues with Geomedia 16.20075 (Windows 10 Pro), 64-bit

  1. Paste difficulities from excel into layout (copy-paste) works only as pasting as link. Collegue works on Win7 and pasting table with paste function works just fine.
  2. Issues with linking excel into layout. After pasting excel table into layout link works only while excel file is open. When excel is reopened nothing happens. Refreshing table manully results with GM crash. Only way to show the data again is to close Geomedia, open excel file and than open Geomedia. Again link will be funcional until excel file is opened. Any suggestions how to solve it?


Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-25-2017

Re: Layout link from excel

I have a customer who reports the same (or at least very similar) problem. Only they haven't upgraded to GeoMedia 2016 for varous reasons. 

They try to paste some excel cells from the clipboard into the layout window in GeoMedia 2014 and 2015 on Windows 10. Nothing seem to happen (or perhaps they did get some empty object). 


On their Windows 7 PC:s this works just fine. 


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Registered: ‎05-26-2016

Re: Layout link from excel

Had 3 customers with this issue, its a Microsoft bug , and here is the Workaround


---begin ticket comment---

An update regarding this issue was provided today by Development. Per the research by Development the reported issue appears to be due to a Microsoft bug. Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on a solution, but has provided a workaround via a registry entry per the information below. Here is link to the original article that includes the workaround...


... and here is the pertinent information from that article describing the cause of the problem and the workaround:



Embedded objects in Access forms and reports do not display [WORKAROUND] Last updated: October 2, 2017



When viewing a form or report that uses a Bound Object Frame control to display the value of an OLE object column in a table, the OLE objects are not displayed.



Our engineering team is actively working on a fix.


In the meantime, you can use the following workaround option:


This problem occurs due to a change in the order of preference for formats used to cache the presentation of OLE objects, along with an issue when using the Enhanced Metafile format. You can revert the change in behavior by explicitly specifying the order of format preference using the following registry key:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager


Under this key, add a new Multi-String value, named OlePictureFormatPreferenceList, with the value data: