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Registered: ‎01-31-2017
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Linking and leveraging the power of Imagine from GeoMedia Interface

Dear Community.,




So i have a question regarding the linkage of GeoMedia to Imagine. How does one link to ERDAS Imagine from GeoMedia end?


The reverse has worked and can be done i.e linking to GeoMedia from Imagine within the Link views menu > connect and link to GeoMedia.


Kindly assist on how to do the same from GeoMedia.




Technical Evangelist
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Re: Linking and leveraging the power of Imagine from GeoMedia Interface

I'm not familiar with specific GeoMedia linking capability available in Imagine, but based on the online documentation at...


... the Imagine 'Link to GeoMedia Workflow' command seems to primarily be a tool to synchronize the view extent in the two applications so that you can more easily view the same area of interest within the context of both Imagine and GeoMedia. 


To my knowledge there is not an equivalent command available in GeoMedia that will link the view extent in Imagine to the equivalent view extent in GeoMedia.  If this is a capability that you feel would be useful you may want to consider posting this as a new idea for GeoMedia to the 'Product Ideas' discussion board.  The Product Ideas board is available from the Discussions menu on the Hexagon Geospatial Community home page at