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Microsoft SQL server triger



I use microsoft sql server and  create "on insert triger" on feature class, this triger insert data in second feature class. Insert work correctly, insert what I wish, but i could not see inserted data in second feature class until I close coresponding warehouse and open it again.


I knew that some modification must be done with trigers on geomedia metadata tables but I dont knew what exatly I must do.

It is something similar like "Create Modification log Triger" for Oracle warehouse in "Database Utility" tool.


Can anyone help me?


Best regards


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Re: Microsoft SQL server triger

The information you require is in the GeoMedia Help. Look in section Using SQL Server (or Server Spatial) Connections - GeoMedia Metadata requirements.  Here you will find sample of Modification Log Triggers.


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Re: Microsoft SQL server triger



Attached you can find an SQL-Script creating ModificationLog Triggers for all tables in your database.