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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎06-13-2016

OpenStreetMap in Geomedia

Hi team,


A customer wishes to work with OpenStreetMap in Geomedia 2016.2. Is it possible to use OSM as a background layer? If yes, how can this be achieved?


Thank you for any inputs.




Technical Evangelist
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Re: OpenStreetMap in Geomedia

Hi Laura,


I haven't tested that, but OSM WMS might be viable.



New Contributor
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Re: OpenStreetMap in Geomedia

Yes, they are viable. Unfortunately, the map window in GeoMedia looks like in the attached picture. Why this? And is there a possibility to display the entire map? The OSM WMS which was used ( in the picture is in EPSG:2056 (LV95). Is this a supported coordinate system?


Thank you and regards,


Technical Evangelist
Posts: 548
Registered: ‎09-11-2015

Re: OpenStreetMap in Geomedia

Hi Nicole,


EPSG 2056 does not seem to be supported by the wms capabilities, however, I am unable to get the image for any other (supported) SRS. Perhaps you can create a support ticket. There is a bug report created against WMS, which lists couple of WMS sites impossible to open in GeoMedia. We can add this one to the report.



Technical Evangelist
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Re: OpenStreetMap in Geomedia

With GeoMedia version 16.00.0000.20075 I am able to successfully display all of the feature classes from the referenced Open Street Map WMS (i.e. using EPSG:4326 as the coordinate system.  


I've attached a sample GeoWorkspace named WMS_OpenStreetMaps_4326.gws the connection established and the 'OSM_WMS___osm_wms_de' feature class displayed in the map window. 


However if you create a new GeoWorkspace with GeoMedia 16.00.0000.20075 and make a WMS warehouse connection to the provided WMS URL the coordinate system should default to EPSG:4326.


Hope this helps.

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Registered: ‎06-22-2016

Re: OpenStreetMap in Geomedia

[ Edited ]


According to the Capabilities, it can be loaded using the following coordinate systems:








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Re: OpenStreetMap in Geomedia



Is it possible to work with OpenStreetMapas a background layer in Geomedia Desktop 2020 loaded with EPSG 3844?