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Registered: ‎03-09-2018

Oracle 19c - GeoMedia Desktop 2020 / 2018

Hi guys,


is there any information when GeoMedia Desktop 2020 will support Oracle 19c on the server side?

What about the recommended Oracle 32 bit client version for Oracle 19c on the server side?


Will Oracle 19c also be supported for GeoMedia Desktop 2018?


Kind regards




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Re: Oracle 19c - GeoMedia Desktop 2020 / 2018

[ Edited ]

The official announcement of support for Oracle 19c will part of the GeoMedia Desktop 2020 (16.6) Update 1 release which is tentatively scheduled to release by 1st of April.

The only issue we're aware that "may be" related to Oracle 19c deals with a custom attribute properties dialog in the GeoMedia GIToolkit add-on application.


The GeoMedia support team considers using Oracle 19c as being viable for the currently released versions of GeoMedia 2018 (16.5) and 2020 (16.6). Viable meaning that we don't expect any problems but if issues do arise, you may have wait/take an update/upgrade to resolve the problem.

I'm personally using Oracle Client installed using the Administrative Client option on the application client seat.


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