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PickLists created with Schema Manager

Hi all


With the Schema Manager I'm able to create PickLists (via Define PickList..). But how can I apply these picklists to an existing attribute? 


Thanks for your hints.



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Re: PickLists created with Schema Manager

[ Edited ]

Here are the steps to add a picklist to a feature class via the ‘Schema Manager’ dialog. These steps assume that you have already created the PickList as per the description in the original post.


  1. Open the ‘Schema Manager’ dialog.
  2. Select the schema name from the Schemas list that contains the feature class that you want to assign the picklist.
  3. Select the Edit command.
  4. Choose the feature class name from the ‘Feature classes’ list that contains the attribute that you want to assign the picklist.
  5. Click on the Attributes tab at the bottom of the dialog.
  6. Choose the row containing the attribute name that you want to assign the picklist.
  7. Click the ‘Set PickList’ button on the lower right of the dialog.
  8. If you have previously created a PickList using the ‘’’ command, click the PickList name radio button and then from the drop-down list choose the picklist name you created earlier.
  9. Click the OK button to exit the ‘Set PickList’ dialog.
  10. The ‘Add/Edit Feature Class Definitions’ dialog should now have a check mark in the ‘Pick list’ column for the attribute that you had previously selected.
  11. Click the OK button to exit the ‘Add/Edit Feature Class Definitions’ dialog.
  12. Click the Save button on the Schema Manager dialog to save the Schema that you were editing.
  13. Click the ‘Construct Feature Classes’ button to open the ‘Construct Feature Classes’ dialog.
  14. Insure that the ‘Target connection’ field contains the connection where you want to construct the feature classes.
  15. In the ‘Feature classes to output’ grid place a checkbox in the Active column for the feature class schema definition for which you want to construct a feature.
  16. Click the OK button.
  17. If the ‘Duplicate Feature Class’ dialog is displayed and you wish to replace an existing feature class with the new definition (which has the picklist defined), select Replace option on the dialog.
  18. Click the OK button to return to the main ‘Schema Manager’ dialog.
  19. Click the Close button to exit the ‘Schema Manager’ dialog/command.
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Re: PickLists created with Schema Manager

Hi jmorris


I've got a question to your description:

If I do all of this, I get a feature class with the picklists added, but without any geometry. Before adding a picklist via the schema remodeler, my feature class does have a geometry (a point). After replacing the existing feature with the one with the picklist, the geometry (point) gets lost. How can I avoid this? At the end, I need a feature (point) with my picklists added.

Or is this not possible with Geomedia? Maybe I just can do this before I set a point to my feature class and not after this.


Thanks for your help.



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Re: PickLists created with Schema Manager

Hi all,

I'm also facing what @cgrass describes.

I've a mdb warehouse with 20000+ geometries and need to add a picklist to an existing attribute.

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Registered: ‎02-02-2016

Re: PickLists created with Schema Manager

The purpose of Schema Manager is to create schema templates for the creation of the new databases, so it is not designed or intended to add picklists to attributes of existing feature classes that are already populated with features.  For existing feature classes it would be better to add a picklist of type GPickLists which can be done using the unsupported 'GeoMedia Picklist Manager' tool. This tool works for a limited set of read-write warehouse types (i.e. Access, Oracle Object Model, and SQL Server). For other read-write warehouses, picklist of type GPickLists can be manually defined.


A knowledge base article with the subject 'How to add a picklist to an attribute for an existing feature class' is available at this link:


This article has the 'GeoMedia Picklist Manager' tool attached and includes a brief description of the limitations and usage of the tool. I've also attached the 'GeoMedia Picklist Manager' tool to this reply. Note that there is no Help available for the tool, but it is fairly intuitive and the linked knowledge base article should help get you started.




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Re: PickLists created with Schema Manager

great tool, thanks!


that's what I was looking for.