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Registered: ‎02-26-2018
Accepted Solution

Remove format bar in the layoutwindow permanently

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Dear community,


I'm searching for a way to permanently remove the format bar out of my layoutwindow in GeoMedia 16.2. If I deselect the format bar it disappears but appears in the next session again. The same happens if I close the window manually. 


Is such a permanent removal of the format bar intended at all?


Thank you for your support!




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Re: Remove format bar in the layoutwindow permanently

This same issue was filed as a support ticket and the following information was discovered and provided in response to that ticket.


In the English version of the product the dockable control has the title 'Ribbon' rather than 'Format Bar'. This dockable control is recreated when a new session of GeoMedia is started and the Layout Windows is opened while the Drawing tab is active. So with the current design of the software it does not appear possible to permanently remove the dockable control.