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Spatial intersection pipe in polar projection



How does the Spatial Intersection Pipe work when you use a Polar Projection Coordinate System?


Does it return the intersection along a Great Circle line or a Rhumb line? A straight line in Polar Projection will be a Great Circle line but the SpatialIntersectionPipe appears to return the intersection of Geometry along a Rhumb line instead when I input two record sets with Polar Projection coordinates system.


In addition how does it work when you input Geospatial coordinates (latitude and longitude in the record set), what type of line does it use to check for the intersection?


Many thanks in advance!



Technical Evangelist
Technical Evangelist
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Re: Spatial intersection pipe in polar projection

This pipe, and most others, operate directly on the coordinates in the geometry without regard for the coordinate reference system.  It only "sees" the X,Y,Z values themselves, constructing topology from those coordinates directly without reference to the metadata that simply describes the CRS that those geometric coordinates are in.  There is no logic to compute alternate (curved) paths between coordinates, the topological edges are constructed as straight lines between the stored vertices, interpreting the vertices as if they were simply in Euclidean space.  - Hal