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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-03-2016

The "hiking vertex" syndrome


I've been using Geomedia 14 for 3 years now, and there is a constant problem, when I try to edit some objects.
When editing, Geomedia randomly places the vertex - I try to move with my mouse - to a random position, ignoring the mouse pointer's position.
And that position is not in constant distance from the mouse pointer, it's random.
Why? It's very irritating and annoying problem.
I attached 2 images showing the problem. The 1. circle shows where the mouse position is, and the 2. circle shows where the edited vertex will be placed by Geomedia.

Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎02-02-2016

Re: The "hiking vertex" syndrome

Depending on the specific workflow this behavior could be due to an issue that was identified in GeoMedia 2014 that caused a vertex moved using Edit Geometry to be moved twice the intended distance.  This problem typically occurred after using the Move command with a click and drag action and would continue to occur within the session as long as Maintain Coincidence was enabled.


That issue and at least one other Edit Geometry vertex position issue that was present in GeoMedia 2014 have been resolved in subsequent releases.  As such, you may want to download a copy of the GeoMedia 2016 v16.2 software to see if the problem still occurs in the current version.  


GeoMedia 16.2 requires GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.1 as a pre-requisite which is available from...


You can then install the latest GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.2 Patch available from...








Occasional Contributor
Posts: 18
Registered: ‎11-03-2016

Re: The "hiking vertex" syndrome

So, after I bought a software with the version of 14 for a lot of money, it has (a lot of) bugs in it, and instead of making a patch and give it to the users for free, You tell me that I have to buy the latest version for another tons of money, and I can start hoping that this version will be free of that known bug?
Another thing (bug) to explain: how could that be possible that if I enter some values in the "Select Set Properties" window for an object, than click OK (to save the values), the program forgets what I've just entered, and the attribute field remains empty?
In a version 14 software...
I know... I know... I have to buy the newest... Pathetic.

Sorry for my English.