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Registered: ‎03-01-2017

Updating attribute based symbols after attribute changes

Hi all


If I double-click on a point feature with attribute based symbolization (e.g. different GIF Symbols according to an attribute) in the map window, the properties dialog of that specific feature opens and I am able to modify the attributes. In case I modify the attribute on which the symbolization is based on, the symbol should change right after confirming with “Ok”.


What if the modification is only applied and visible after clicking on “update” or after using the map pan or zooming? Has anyone encountered this behavior so far?

Thanks for any feedback Man Happy

Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎02-02-2016

Re: Updating attribute based symbols after attribute changes

I performed a quick test with the latest GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.2 (16.00.0000.20059) release and an older GeoMedia Desktop 2016 (16.00.0000.1405) release and did not observe the behavior noted in your post. In my test case the .gif image specified for the Picture Style changes to the appropriate display immediately after modifying the attribute via Select Set Properties with both versions of software.


The Attribute Based expression I used was based on the Source property and used the 'Type' attribute value to define the root of the image file name like the following...  'C:\Warehouses\GIFs\'+Input.Type+'.gif'


If you have a reproducible test case you may want to open a support ticket.  If opening a ticket be sure to specify the version of software you are using and provide the test data.