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Registered: ‎02-05-2018

WFS insert error

Dear Team,


As we are working with WFS, we are getting some error as follows.


In SQL Server, we have one graphic feature table having geometry records and one non-graphic table having attributes related to records in graphic table.

There is foreign key relationship between these two tables using the ID columns.

Using Geomedia workspace, we are creating the join query between these two tables and creating a layer. Then using the Geomedia WEBMap Publisher Administrator, we are publishing the layer as WFS.

In GeoSpatial Portal, this WFS layer is editable and we can edit the attributes of graphic and non-graphic tables and values got saved successfully in respective tables.


But when we insert a new feature for this layer in geospatial portal, after clicking on 'Insert' buton it shows following error in notification window

'-2147211282. The recordSet is not updatable.'