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Registered: ‎10-07-2019
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config ini file for databases

Hi All,


Just like we can create ini file for folder of Shapefiles or other datasources and define configration ini file, is there any way to do the same for oracle or SQL databases ?


Reason for asking this question is that in folder of shapefiles, we may have different shapefiles with different projects but with missing projection prj file. We can mitigate that issue within ini file and tell geomedia to use different csf files for different shapefiles. What if we have similar issue in a database? We may have bunch of layers but proper SRID or EPSG codes are not defined in tables. Can we still instruct Geomedia to use specific csf files for specific layers ?




Muhammad Almas

Technical Evangelist
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Re: config ini file for databases

Hi Muhammad,


the configuration INI files are only used for read-only data sources. Oracle and MS SQL are native writable data sources, so you should use the Database Utilities to create metadata for those writable data source, and then you can assign coordinate system to each single table from that database.