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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-19-2015
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labeling save rules



I want to configure dynamic / static labeling that will be used several times with the same configuration. Right now de user has to do each time the same steps:

  1. check layers to label
  2. add symbology to these labels
  3. add predefined labeling rules

Is there any way to have a common configuration file that contains all rules, the layer names and the symbology for the labels? I want to configure it only once and maybe save it to a file or to a geoworkspace...


Thanks for any ideas


Technical Evangelist
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Re: labeling save rules



      I believe that the 'Reusing Labeling Configurations' topic in the GeoMedia Help file will provide the information you are seeking.  Here is the link to this topic in the online version of the Help.!book;uri=b31dc68dd10e63d2c5c19aa3173bc23d;breadcrumb...


This capability was introduced with GeoMedia 2015 and the most relevant text from the Help topic linked above is shown below:


"In GeoMedia 2015, the Labeling Configuration is now saved with the map window's legend. Associating Labeling Configurations with map window legends provides the ability to reuse an existing Labeling Configuration by simply saving the map window legend as a Name Legend. When the map window legend is saved, all of the labeling parameters that have been defined in Label Manager are automatically saved with the Name Legend. When a new map window is populated with one of these Name Legends, the map window legend is populated with the appropriate legend entries, and Label Manager will be populated with the associated Labeling Configuration. This provides the ability to reuse existing Labeling Configurations within the GeoWorkspace.

To reuse Labeling Configuration across GeoWorkspaces, you can use GeoMedia's Library system to copy the Name Legends (along with other GeoWorkspace objects) from one GeoWorkspace to another using the Library Organizer command. When these Name Legends are used in other GeoWorkspaces, they will contain the originating Labeling Configuration."

Hope this helps.


Occasional Contributor
Posts: 18
Registered: ‎10-19-2015

Re: labeling save rules

Thanks for your reply, that's exactly what I'm searching for. I was using GeoMedia 14 and did not know that there is a change in the newer versions.