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support for Oracle 18c (aka


what are the plans for supporting Oracle 18c (aka in GeoMedia desktop (and probably then also GeoMedia WebMap as the data servers are the same)? Or is this covered by the existing support for Oracle 12.2?

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Re: support for Oracle 18c (aka

To my knowledge GeoMedia WebMap uses the same Oracle data servers as GeoMedia Desktop, so WebMap should support the same Oracle versions supported by GeoMedia Desktop.


GeoMedia Development has currently only tested on Oracle  However Development states that there is a good chance GeoMedia would work OK with Oracle, although sometimes Oracle does introduce changes that affect the GeoMedia Oracle data server. 


I believe that the release schedule for Oracle 18c indicates that version won’t be available for Windows until second half of 2018.  


If this query is in reference to Oracle Cloud,we have not performed any testing on that platform.