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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-20-2020

symbols in GM

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Hello everyone, 

I have a polygon feature layer, but I want to use point symbols that will fit in this polygons. 

I created a style that use one of the attribute for picking the right symbol from the library, but I can't solve size issue. 

I tried to calculate area of each polygon in order to use it as a size, but it didn't help. 


Maybe there is another way how to do that? 

I am attaching an example of data, library with style and .fsm library as well. 

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Re: symbols in GM



You can use functionnal attributes to calculate :

  • The 'size' of the geometry (length of the last segment of the square) : DISTANCE(FIRST(POINTS(Input.Geometry)); LAST(POINTS(Input.Geometry)))
  • The orientation of the first point of the geometry : ORIENTATION(FIRST(POINTS(Input.Geometry)))

Your legend entry must be defined in Paper mode


After that, you can use advanced properties of the style, and set :

  • 1000*Input.FisrtFunctionalAttributeName (for a 1/100 nominal scale because the value is in 0.01mm) in SIze
  • -Input.SecondFUnctionalAttributeName in Rotation

The result is :


I can share the GWS if needed


Occasional Contributor
Posts: 13
Registered: ‎04-20-2020

Re: symbols in GM

Hi, thanks for the suggestion.

However, it creates smaller polygons inside bigger one (щту iside another). But I need to have parallel polygons inside bigger one.