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Adding elevation values to 2D contour lines

by Anonymous on ‎03-15-2016 09:17 AM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 11:36 AM by Moderator (404 Views)


Given a number of 2D contour lines - geometry is X, Y, 0.00. An attribute contains the Z value. Is there anyway, outside of VB code, to modify the geometry and change it based on the Z attribute value or output a new linear feature with the Z value?


Here is a worksflow that will do what you need utilizing several of the commands in GeoMedia Professional: Z= Z value of the contour as an attribute.


Functional Attribute:

      FA1: point= POINTS(linegeometry) on the base contour line feature class.
      FA2: X= X(Input.Point, ProjectedMeas, Meter)
           Y= Y(Input.Point, ProjectedMeas, Meter)
           LineID= Input.keyid 
           (where keyid is unique id field of the base linear feature)

Geocode coordinates:

GC1:. Use X,Y,Z  for X,Y,Z settings.

Output to Feature class:

To get a unique ID for each of the points in that line ID.
NewContourPts: has the following fields. KeyID(autonumber), X,Y,Z, LineID and any other attributes.


AM: on NewContourPts OR GC1 based on attributes. select LineID. and edit the default Merge functional attribute to CREATEPOLYLINE(Input.CoordGeocodePoint, Input.keyid) If you are using GC1 don't use Input.keyid. Leave it blank: CREATEPOLYLINE(Input.CoordGeocodePoint). The original point order should be retained. But it is not.(TRed) The result is a new contour feature class (query) that has the Z value in it. NOTE: The gaps in a geometry collection are gone. All geometries change to polyline. Because of analytical merge all other attributes other than those you used in as a functional attribute are gone. So in order to have all the values from original contours create one functional attribute for every attribute. Right click in FA list box>New>First>Multiple and check all attributes. Also all the geometries are in reverse order from that of existing