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Are errors logged in the GORACLE.log file related to GEORASTER a cause for concern?

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-18-2016 12:39 PM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 06:16 PM by Moderator (537 Views)


A GOracle.log file has been created and the following two errors are always present in the log file.

  1. Database Error Number: 22303      Database Error Message: OCI-22303: type "MDSYS"."SDO_GEORASTER" does not exist.
  2. GOERROR - 8004011d with ClearModificationLog

 Are these errors cause for concern?


The GORACLE.LOG file is used as a troubleshooting tool for Customer Support. Some of the errors you see in this file are intentional, it is how GeoMedia checks for certain capability at the database level.


1. The first error noted above is GeoMedia's Oracle data server checking for the existence of GeoRaster capability in the Oracle database instance.   If you are running Oracle standard edition, or just Oracle locator, GeoRaster capability will not exist.  In Oracle 12C, GeoRaster is turned off by default, you have to enable it to use it.


2. GOERROR - 8004011d depends on the context of the error, but it is normal to see this error with ClearModificationLog. This error can be ignored, it is also part of a check process.