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Calculate easting or longitude by using the "X" function

by Anonymous on ‎03-03-2016 03:51 PM - edited on ‎08-01-2016 02:46 PM by Technical Evangelist (1,577 Views)

X Function returns the X coordinate (easting or long itude) of the geometry.




X(Geometry, MeasType, UnitOfMeasure)

Return Type: Double


  • Geometry: The geometry field for which you want to return X coordinate. 
  • MeasType: The active reference space (TrueMeas or ProjectedMeas) used for performing measurements. 
  • UnitOfMeasure: The angular (if MeasType is TrueMeas) or linear (if MeasType is ProjectedMeas) unit in which the geometry is to be measured.


To calculate projected value of X:
X(Input.Geometry, ProjectedMeas, Meter)

To calculate longitude in Degrees:
X(Input.Geometry, TrueMeas, Degree)


The coordinate is returned only for PointGeometry, OrientedPointGeometry and TextPointGeometry. For other geometries this function returns a NULL value.

If the geometry is not defined (NULL value), the NULL value is returned.

Note: When using the X or Y functions with the Unit of Measure set to DegreesMinutesSeconds, the output will be seconds expressed to double precision. Example: X(input.geometry,TrueMeas,DegreesMinutesSeconds) outputs seconds.nnnnnn. The same holds true for the format of dd.mmssss. See how to convert to DD:MMSmiley FrustratedS format.