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Configuring Ports for Licensing

by Technical Evangelist on ‎05-02-2017 04:06 AM - edited on ‎06-22-2020 08:34 AM by Technical Evangelist (5,517 Views)


GeoMedia client configured for concurrent license is throwing an error that a valid license is not found.  You have already run the GeoMedia Desktop Configuration Wizard to setup the license information as Concurrent with the @SERVER_NAME but never-the-less, you get valid license not found.


Possible Cause:

Most likely the problem is that the client system cannot communicate with the license server because the ports used are blocked.  Ports are often unexpectedly shut down by corporate domain policy changes and such changes can break the communication of a working licensing system.  Ping is useful to see that a line of communication is present, but ping does NOT test that applications can actually communicate through ports which are often blocked by default either by the operating system or corporate policy.


Concerning Ports:

There are actually 2 ports of concern, one used by the client to gain access to the server, and the other being the port used on the server for communication between the vendor daemon/service INGRTS.exe and flexnet's LMGRD.exe.


It's best to open specific ports for access, the 2 ports used for access must also be added as part of your license file.  We can do this on the license server by editing the license (.lic) file used by the service.  In our following example, we have asked our IT department to ensure that ports 27000 and 4647 are open.  The steps below show how add ports 27000 and 4647 to the license file. 


Example Steps for Setting Ports in License File:

The following is an example license server workflow for defining specific ports for client to server communication as well as INGRTS.exe service to LMGRD.exe service.  In our example we will assume that ports 27000 and 4647 are open and available.  See also further down some further notes concerning Open Ports.


Stop and Remove Existing Service:

  1. Use License Administrator, Server Stop and Delete options to remove the current license service.
  2. Remove existing license (.lic) file(s) from the target licenses folder. The LMTools.exe, Config services tab can be used to locate the target licenses folder (see graphic below).



Add Port Information to the License File:

  1. Edit the source license file using NotePad (it's important to use a text editor such as notepad that does not add any hidden control characters).

Note: Do NOT make any edits to the license file other than the port information described below.

  1. Carefully edit the license file adding 27000 at the end of the first line and PORT=4647 at the end of the second line (see below).


SERVER this_host COMPOSITE=xxxxxxxxxxxx 27000




Start the License Service and Configure the Client:

  1. Use the Licensing Administrator, File > Import to import the license file with the port information defined.
  2. Note:  The Import command copies the source .lic file into target license file path and starts the license service. The license used by the service is typically targeted to:  C:\Users\Public\Intergraph\Licenses folder
  3. On the client system, use the Start > All Programs > GeoMedia Desktop > Utilities > Configuration Wizard to modify the license information.  Use the Specify License Servers option to define the server using PORT@SERVER_NAME syntax (see graphic below)





Open Ports:

The two ports must also be open on the client firewall. Windows 7 example.

Telnet may be useful to test port access from the client system. Telnet may need to enabled for Win7 systems:  Control Panel > Programs & Features > Turn Windows Features on/off, scroll through list and enable (check) Telnet Client. See also:


syntax at cmd prompt:  telnet IP_ADDRESS PORT_NUMBER



telnet SERVER_NAME 27000

If you get a blank response (no errors) then the ports are communicating.


Contacting Support

When working with your local support or Hexagon GeoSpatial Licensing to resolve a licensing problem, be sure to provide the full version numbers for both the application (GeoMedia) and the License Administrator. Control panel can be used to see the versions for both.  Be sure to provide details of the errors observed.  The following logging information should also be provided:

From the License Server:

  1. open LMTools.exe (usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Intergraph\Licensing\11.11.1\Program folder). 
  2. Click on the Config Services tab and note the debug log file referenced.
  3. Provide this log file via email to support for review

From the client system:

  1. Use notepad to create a text file called LicErr.txt and place the file in C:\Temp folder
  2. Now attempt to run GeoMedia from a client system that has been configured to see the server with the @SERVER_NAME format
  3. Please provide the C:\Temp\LicErr.log file from the client.