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Convert Intergraph format .cit bi-level raster to TIFF CCITT compressed bi-level

by Anonymous on ‎03-15-2016 09:41 AM - edited on ‎04-07-2016 05:43 AM by Moderator (1,304 Views)


Can anyone suggest a detailed workflow for converting Intergraph .CIT Binary raster data (group 4 compression) to a TIFF Binary raster file file format maintaining the raster transformation matrix (or at least saving the transform matrix to another file)? We would like to be able to do this in a batch mode.


We recommend using Image Station Raster Utilities (ISRU)'s 'mr_file.exe' for this task. Here's my command line:


start /b /wait mr_file -H 1 -B c -O 255 -F 0 -A 128 -S 0 -g <input.cit> <output.tif> 


If you have a folder full of .cit files, you can try this:


for %j in (*.cit) do start /b /wait mr_file -H 1 -B c -O 255 -F 0 -A 128 -S 0 -g %j %~nj.tif


The '-g' flag causes the command to attempt to create a world file.  This can be used to georegister the file.  Occasionally, the output file will appear as a negative (black background, white lines)  This can be corrected with any of the free online raster image manipulation tools, like IrfanView.


Additional information on the command line options used with ISRU is in the ISRU User's Guide.  ISRU can be downloaded from the GeoMedia Support website.