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Creating a log file to capture the GeoMedia WMS data server requests to a WMS

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-16-2016 12:02 PM - edited on ‎04-07-2016 05:39 AM by Moderator (1,140 Views)


How can a user create a log file to capture the GeoMedia WMS data server requests to the WMS service specified in the Web Map Service (WMS) URL field?


To capture WMS requests a GDOWMS.log or GDOWMS_Detailed.log must be created in the user temp folder.  As the name implies the GDOWMS_Detailed.log captures additional (more detailed) information.  After creating the empty log file, the next time GeoMedia is started and a WMS data server connection is established the requests submitted to the WMS will be logged to the GDOWMS.log or GDOWMS_Detailed.log file.


To determine location of the user temp folder you can type %TEMP% into the Windows Explorer Address Bar or you can open a Command Prompt (i.e. ‘cmd’) and type CD %TEMP%.   Create the empty GDOWMS.log or GDOWMS_Detailed.log file in the folder returned by either of these methods.  When you no longer require the log file, you should remove it from the temp folder since writing to the log file can impact the performance of the WMS data server.

on ‎10-26-2017 08:17 PM

Alter the names  to GDOWMTS.log or GDOWMTS_Detailed.log to get logging for wmts connections