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Creating a log file to capture the license interaction with GeoMedia Desktop application

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-21-2016 09:25 AM (781 Views)


How can a license log file (licerr.txt) be created to capture and analyze the interaction between the license and the GeoMedia Desktop product (in the event that a 'License Not Found' error was displayed for instance)?


  1. To create the licerr.txt file, open a text editor program (notepad, etc.) and create a blank text document.
  2. Select File > Save As and enter the file the name 'licerr.txt'. Then save the file to the C:\TEMP folder. If this folder location does not exist it can be created by right-clicking in the C:\  folder and selecting New > Folder. Be sure to name the folder 'TEMP'.
  3. Launch GeoMedia and observe 'License Not Found' message.
  4. Navigate to and open the 'licerr.txt' file to observe the contents. An example is below:
Lic path : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intergraph\Ingr_Licenses\: 0

lc_checkout: license feature - GeoMedia_Professional: 0

lc_checkout: license version - 6.1: 0

lc_checkout: bad date detected: 0

GraceCheck: System date has been adjusted: 0


This licerr.txt file contains information that can be valuable in determining the source of the licensing issue. In the above case a bad date was detected as the system date has been adjusted, most likely meaning the expiry date specified in the license file (.lic) has been surpassed due to the system date being adjusted.