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Creating polygon with holes

by Technical Evangelist on ‎11-14-2019 06:22 AM (428 Views)


I have polygon grids for my city representing violent crime areas. I would like to generate a background polygon that has all the violent crime grids as holes. If I digitize a large square covering the city, is it possible to intersect the digitized square with the violent crime grids and generate a background polygon with holes?


Workflow suggestion:

1. Create a select set of your crime areas and large polygon covering the city.
2. Select the "Insert Area by Face" command and select the option to "Include holes as features".
3. This will create a feature with the large polygon and the holes

on ‎01-16-2020 12:29 AM

suggestion (2):


If you choose the option "exclude", you will get the background polygon without the hole-features.