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Database Utilities returns invaild column name "GPARAMETER"

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-18-2016 08:03 AM - edited on ‎07-26-2016 10:52 AM by Moderator (524 Views)


Database Utilities returns invalid column name "GPARAMETER"


Connection to a new SQL Server Spatial database via Database Utilities is returning the error:


Invalid column name 'GParameter'.


This occurs after creating the required metadata tables.


This is caused by the use of a database collation that makes object names case sensitive. In this case Latin1_General_CS_AS


When Database Utilities queries on the GParameters table, it is using:


SELECT GParameter from GParameters;


But the column is actually named GPARAMETER.


The workaround is to use SQL Server Management Studio and change the column name in the GPARAMETERS table from GPARAMETER to GParameter. This should make the problem will go away.


This is actually a bug in that the data server should be making calls to columns as they are defined.