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Determining optimum settings for Grid Interpolation

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-03-2019 06:14 AM (60 Views)


How to determine the optimum settings before running Grid interpolation?


By their nature, interpolation commands require a considerable amount of time to execute. Unfortunately, the settings for each command often require some fine tuning before acceptable results can be achieved. This may involve running the command several times until satisfactory results are achieved. Running an interpolation command multiple times on a large data set is usually too time consuming to be an acceptable way of determining the correct setting values.


One way to test different settings quickly is to extract a small representative area of the input data grid layer and to run the interpolation command multiple times on that, refining the settings with each execution. To do this, use the Subscene command. To use Subscene, a layer where non-VOID cells represents the region of interest is required as a reference. This layer can come from a rasterized feature class, a new grid layer, or an existing grid layer defining a subarea of the data grid layer.