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Editing an existing Oracle feature class

by Technical Evangelist on ‎04-05-2016 02:46 PM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 07:23 AM by Moderator (444 Views)


What is the recommended method to make changes to an existing GeoMedia Oracle feature class?


There are a number of software applications such as Oracle SQL Developer, TOAD, etc. that can be used to alter an existing GeoMedia feature class table. Change might include actions such as adding a column, deleting a column or changing a data type.


The following considerations should be taken into account so the table is properly displayed in GeoMedia after changes have been made.

Review Current Table

To recognize changes to a table structure, the GeoMedia metadata will need to be deleted and re-inserted. Prior to deleting the metadata, it may be best to first review and note key aspects such as: Coordinate system assignment, primary key fields and geometry fields.

  1. In GeoMedia, use the Manage Data tab > Features command to Review the feature class and note the Coordinate system name assigned to feature.
  2. Use Start > All Programs > GeoMedia Desktop > Utilities > Database Utilities, Edit Feature Class Metadata option to review the Properties of the feature class. Of particular interest is to use the Attributes tab to review the primary key field(s). Note the sequence assigned to the key field if it is of type AutoNumber.
  3. Click on the Geometry tab to review the Geometry field name(s) and data types. Note which geometry field is declared as primary.

Delete Metadata and Alter Table

  1. After reviewing the current metadata, use Database Utilities, Delete Feature Class Metadata option to delete the metadata for the feature class.
  2. Make modifications to the table as needed; for example using ALTER TABLE SQL statements or some other application such as SQL Developer, TOAD, etc.

Re-Insert Metadata for Table

  1. Return to Database Utilities and use the Insert Feature Class Metadata command to re-insert the metadata for the feature. Use the Attributes tab to review the attributes and primary key; if appropriate, change the primary key from Long to AutoNumber, assigning or creating a sequence field. Click on the Geometry tab and ensure the appropriate Geometry type is assigned. For example you may need to change from "SpatialAny" to some other geometry type such as "SpatialArea" etc..
  2. Finally re-assign the same coordinate system name noted previously.