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Functional Attributes : Using the 'LENGTH' function

by Anonymous on ‎03-31-2016 01:12 PM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 01:38 PM by Moderator (1,173 Views)


Can you provide a discussion and examples of the proper way to use the LENGTH funtion to determine the length of a linear feature?


Please review the GeoMedia Help Documentation for the Syntax and Elements for the LENGTH function.



Length Calculation for linear geometry based on the true measure (along elliposoid associated to horizontal datum) in 2D feet.
LENGTH(Input.Geometry,TrueMeas, Foot)


Length Calculation for linear geometry based on a projected measure (along plane of the map projection) in 3D feet.
LENGTH(Input.Geometry,ProjectedMeas, Kilometer, FALSE())



  • The return value depends on the geometry type. For more details about returned values, see the MeasurementService.Length object help.


    If the geometry is not defined (NULL value), the NULL value is returned.


    Calculations are based on the coordinate system assigned to the orginating feature as it is defined in the warehouse.