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GM 3D Hatch Fill Style issues

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-23-2019 09:52 AM (129 Views)


Why are my 3D hatch display not displaying as I expected in the 3D map window?


The 3D Settings tab for Hatch Fill Style is used to define the properties specific to a 3D map window (and will only be visible when the GeoMedia 3D Add-on product is installed on the system). This includes properties that control how features are displayed, such as an optional texture. Other 3D properties, such as color, will be pulled from the 2D Hatch Fill Style when the texture is not supplied.


The following properties are applied when processing hatch fill styles in a 3D map window:


  • The display color comes from the first available line style that defines color. If a color value cannot be determined, the value will default to black.
  • The assignment of a texture will override the use of the first line style color property.
  • Translucency will be derived from the first available line style that defines color and will apply when using either a line style color or a texture. If an appropriate line style cannot be determined, the translucency value will default to 0.
  • Spacing, angle, and x/y shifts are not supported and will be ignored.
  • Animation is not supported and will be ignored.

 The hatch display is not supported in a 3D window for an area feature.