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GM Digital Cartographer, Arcs, and GAIT

by Technical Evangelist on ‎08-24-2016 05:22 AM (455 Views)


How does GAIT Validation impact digitized arcs in GM Digital Cartographer?


When GeoMedia produces arcshape files, the GeoMedia arcs get stroked into the appropriate supported data types (i.e  polylines).  


GAIT does not support the arcshape format.  


The list below is what GAIT does support.


Value Shape Type

0 Null Shape

1 Point

3 PolyLine

5 Polygon

8 MultiPoint

11 PointZ

13 PolyLineZ

15 PolygonZ

18 MultiPointZ

21 PointM

23 PolyLineM

25 PolygonM

28 MultiPointM

31 MultiPatch