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GM Grid Study Areas and grid layer organization

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-18-2019 12:06 PM (144 Views)


How are Study Areas and grid layers organized in the warehouse?


Study Area information is stored in a Study Area table within the connected GeoMedia warehouse. This means that Study Areas are "owned" by warehouses and accessed through warehouse connections.

The grid layers that belong to a Study Area are stored in another table. There is a layer table created for every unique coordinate system used by a Study Area. Layers belonging to Study Areas with the same coordinate system coexist in the same table. This is transparent from the user's point of view and is done to avoid creating new tables in GeoMedia Desktop (a somewhat time-consuming process).

Each grid layer record in a layer table describes a grid layer. This includes the source of the data, type of data, any connected attribute databases, a GeoMedia RasterGeometry that represents that object when placed in a MapView, and a reference to the map file (.mfm) that contains the data.

The actual grid layer files (.mfm files) are external files that are stored in a folder prefixed with the warehouse name followed by the word "Grids".