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GOOM 2016 - GeoMedia Oracle Object Model (GOOM) Packages, Scripts, and Utilities

by psmith ‎08-02-2016 12:45 PM - edited ‎08-02-2016 01:01 PM (2,466 Views)


August 2016 Release



GOOM.zip contains the August 2016 release of both the GOOM and GDOBKP packages and other useful scripts for Oracle Spatial/Locator.



GeoMedia Oracle Object Model package (GOOM) is a collection of packages and scripts useful for setting up and maintaining Oracle spatial/locator schemas used by GeoMedia applications.  While GOOM scripts and packages are not officially supported, GOOM is used extensively by GeoMedia Oracle users and administrators.


A Quick Reference Guide is included.  The Quick Reference Guide contains installation instructions as well as basic steps required to configure an Oracle spatial schema for use with GeoMedia. The Quick Reference Guide describes the included packages and the various scripts contained in GOOM.zip.



Unzip and review the quick reference guide:

To install this collection, unzip GOOM.zip into your SQL directory or simply extract to C:\   It will create a new folder called GOOM containing the Quick Reference Guide, the scripts and packages. The two main packages are:

  • GOOM_PKG.sql - Main package, all other packages and scripts require GOOM.
  • GDOBKP_PKG.sql - GDOSYS backup package, not required but very important.


Install GOOM and GDOBKP Packages:

Connect to SQLPlus as a DBA user @GOOM_PKG.sql to run the script. It will replace any existing GOOM package installed in the database. Similarly, you should install the GDOBKP package.  Review the GOOM Quick Reference.pdf for more information.  Once installed, online help is also available via the following SQLPlus commands:





Optional packages:

  • GDODATA - Spatial data generation for testing and analysis.
  • GDORASTER - Load and manage Oracle georaster formatted data.
  • GTMUTIL - Used to help maintain Oracle Workspace Manager version-enabled tables and requires the GTM package.

Install the optional packages only if needed. The GDODATA package can be used to generate spatial test data.  The GDORASTER package can be used to manage Oracle GeoRaster data. GTMUTIL is used to help maintain Oracle Workspace Manager version-enabled tables and requires installation of the GTM package (GTMPkgBody.pkg delivered with GeoMedia Desktop).  See also: Start > Programs > GeoMedia Desktop > Developer Documentation > GeoMedia > GeoMedia Object Reference.


General Information:

Significant changes to GOOM have been made to support 11G/12C security changes. Oracle 10G is no longer supported.


Most of the procedures and functions operate using standard owner.table but in some cases DBA is required for specific privileges that an individual user may not have. The privileges required will depend on the procedure but typically will involve read/write access to objects being referenced which may be owned by another user.



Because these scripts are unofficial, please post questions and problems to the Hexagon Geospatial Community, GeoMedia support discussions forum.  Enhancement requests are accepted if they apply to a broad user base.  Community contributed functions or procedures are accepted as candidates for inclusion.  Use these scripts and functions of GOOM  at your own risk.


2016 Changes:

GOOM Package:

Improved performance in RTree indexing logic.

Minor fixes

GDOBKP Package:

Minor fixes.

GTMUTIL Package:

Fixes specific to Oracle 12C.



Oracle 11G or later.


Download Files: