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GeoMedia 3D building footprints displayed on hillside is wrong

by Technical Evangelist on ‎08-24-2016 07:23 AM (450 Views)


How do I display GeoMedia 3D building/footprints models displayed on a hillside?


There are instances where one or more corners of a model base may be "above" the surface, while the other corners are on or below the surface (usually due to placement on a hillside or other sloping terrain). 


In these cases, the model will need to be lowered to fully "sink" the base into the surface. In some cases a better surface model may be needed.  


Use the Style Properties>3D Settings>Altitude options to offset the Z value as a negative value to sink the building footprint into the surface.


In either case, the base of a model is not automatically tapered to perfectly align with the contours of the given surface area and may require further adjustments.